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This is the next step in creating your marketing plan. Please follow the directions in Week One and reference the marketing plan outline in Appendix A of your text.

Identify which channel of distribution will provide the best coverage of the target market for your product or service.

For example, will you implement a direct, indirect, or dual distribution strategy?

Describe your decision for choosing this particular distribution strategy.

Reference no: EM131228406

Target market and specify its mains competitors in segment

Describe Mistine’s target market(s), and specify its mains competitors in each segment. Based on the SWOT analysis provided in the case, what are the key issues Mistine should

Under private insurance and under medicare or medicaid

What procedural remedies does the patient likely have under private insurance and under Medicare or Medicaid? Are they adequate? Mr. H. was a diabetic and had severe ulcers on

Identify and describe the centerpiece

Please identify and describe the ‘centerpiece’ of the LMX Theory of Leadership. Also, please discuss the more recent management thought, regarding the ‘In-group’ and the ‘Out-

What are examples of lower cost cots software

What are examples of Lower cost COTS software’s that have a general purpose when installed in a personal computer? What are some examples of lower cost COTS software’s that ha

Prepare an implementation plan for change

Prepare an implementation plan for change that would enable Gar Finnvold to create a fully competitive computer service within two years. Review the list of possible intervent

Construct a c-chart for test errors

Construct a c-chart for test errors, and set the control limits to contain 99.73% of the random variation in test scores. What does the chart tell you? Has the new math prog

What is optimal number of copies of special olympic edition

A local bookstand believes that the demand for the Olympic edition of a sports magazine is normally distributed with a mean of 1,250 and a standard deviation of 210. The magaz

Based on the situation and the people involved

What do you think the role of overall EEQ (EEQ Precursors + pFSL + skills to implement) is in being able to become more flexible (and appropriate) in the style we employ based


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