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This is the next step in creating your marketing plan. Please follow the directions in Week One and reference the marketing plan outline in Appendix A of your text.

Identify which channel of distribution will provide the best coverage of the target market for your product or service.

For example, will you implement a direct, indirect, or dual distribution strategy?

Describe your decision for choosing this particular distribution strategy.

Reference no: EM131228406

Perform with high reliability in age of uncertainty

Based on the Weick and Sutcliffe reading examine how organizations can improve problem solving by reading early warning signs and thus preven full-blown problems. In their fir

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Discuss your views of McDonald’s strategic prospects based upon your analysis of the external assessment and consideration of the opportunities to grow, as well as threats fro

Discuss ethical issues involved in off shoring & outsourcing

Both big and small U.S. and European companies rely upon foreign companies for everything from software development to financial analysis. Discuss the legal, moral and ethical

Starting in year one and continuing forever

What is the CW, when i=10% per year, of $1500 per year, starting in year one and continuing forever: and $10,000 in year five, repeating every four years thereafter

Examples of any individual decision making perspectives

Did you hear examples of any Individual Decision Making perspectives of Individual Decision Making Biases? What role does ego play in a company and how do you deal with it? Eg

Describe the elements of quality planning-quality assurance

What is Quality? Describe the elements of Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. Why are these elements important to successful project completion?

Distinguish between motivation and knowledge skills

Distinguish between motivation, Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA), and environment. Demonstrate the importance of one of these elements utilizing specific examples.

Consider the cost of long-term care insurance

Consider the cost of long-term care insurance. Is there a cost-benefit to purchasing long-term care insurance? would your assets be completely protected by this insurance opti


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