Part of the minimum requirements for listening

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Which of the following is NOT part of the minimum requirements for listening? a. try to anticipate what the customer needs as you listen b. hold your fire c. work at listening d. resist distractions

Reference no: EM131159179

Given that making revenue policy is typically responsibility

Given that making revenue policy is typically the responsibility of elected officials, what are the roles and responsibilities of managers with respect to the administration o

Prepare a forecast for october usage

A dry cleaner uses exponential smoothing to forecast equipment usage at its main plant. August usage was forecasted to be 88 percent of capacity; actual usage was 89.6 perce

Describe particular skill exercised in carrying out services

The United States exports in services are increasing rapidly and have a positive balance relative to the imports of services. Use the Dabur India Ltd. and Parmalat USA Turnaro

Dreamer and share as many absurd ideas

First, pick a product, any product that strikes your fancy. Next think about how you might get people to buy more of the the product. In your original post be a dreamer and sh

Analyze the relationship between analysis, planning

analyze the relationship between analysis,planning,implementation, and control. provide an example of a product or service that flows through this relationship. Break down t

Explain the public relations plan for the organization

Explain the Public Relations plan for the organization. Create two sales promotions for the restaurant. Identify the challenge and solution for each promotion. Include budgeta

What are the maximum and minimum cycle times

An assembly line with 30 activities is to be balanced. The total amount of time to complete all 30 activities is 42 minutes. The longest activity takes 2.4 minutes and the sho

Devices without experiencing anxiety

How many more things do you check today compared to a year ago? How long can you go without checking your devices without experiencing anxiety? When do you put down your mobil


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