Parallel tangents of a reversed curve

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The perpendicular distance between two parallel tangents of a reversed curve is 20m. The azimuth of the back tangents of the curve is 270 00 and the azimuth of the common tangent is 310. If the radius of the forward curve is 160m and the stationing of the V1 is at 10+120, find the stationing of PC, V2 PRC and PT.

Reference no: EM1383089

Determine the time rate of change of pressure at x

A gas flows along the x axis with a speed of v = 5x m/s and a presure of p = 10x^2 N/m^2, where x is in meters. a) Determine the time rate of change of pressure at the fixed l

Determine the moment of inertia about ahorizontal axis

By integration, determine the moment ofinertia about a horizontal axis at the channel bottom. Using the parallel axis theorem, determine the moment of inertia about ahorizonta

Calculate max torque that can be carried by hollow section

Assume a cross-sectional medial length of 32 in. (no stretching of the sheet due to bending). If the maximum shear stress must be limited to 19 ksi, determine the maximum to

What is the greatest bending moment and where is it located

A cantilever beam of length 50 ft is embedded in a wall at A and has a free end B. A concentrated load of 100 kips upward is located at x = 25 ft from A. A uniformly distri

Determine the velocity and position of point a at time t

The acceleration of point A is defined by the relation a = -1.08sin kt - 1.44 cos kt, where a and t are expressed in m/s^2 and seconds, respectively, and k = 3 rad/s. knowin

What are the recorded values of r dot

At the bottom of a loop in the vertical plane an airplane has a horizontal velocity of 315 mi/h and is speeding up at a rate of of 10ft/s^2. The radius of curvature of the loo

What is the optimal distance between the two drainage canals

To avoid the salinization of soil in a farming area, parallel drainage canals are to be installed to maintain the water table at a depth of at least 4m below the ground surf

What is the first-order rate constant for decay of bod

A 1.0 × 106 gallon reactor is used in a sewage-treatment plant. The influent biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentration is 100 mg/L, the effluent BOD concentration is 25


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