P & g recently moved iams pet food division from vandalia
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P & G recently moved its IAMS pet food division from Vandalia (OH) to Mason (OH). The move affected 240 workers, who were offered positions to join the 2,000 workers already occupying the pet food division headquarters in Mason. A company statement indicated, "We're doing this to increase productivity, collaboration, and access to P & G's resources/expertise. " P& G also told employees that it was beginning a separate, multi-month study on how to increase collaboration and efficiencies with the 250 employees still working in its pet food research and development complex located in Lewisburg (OH). What research might be included in the multi-month study to determine the future of the Lewisburg R& D facility and its employees? 

You wish to analyze the pedestrian traffic that passes a given store in a major shopping center. You are interested in determining how many shoppers pass by this store, and you would like to classify these shoppers on various relevant dimensions. Any information you secure should be obtainable from observation alone. 
a. What other information might you find useful to observe? 
b. How would you decide what information to collect? 
c. Devise the operational definitions you would need. 
d. What would you say in your instructions to the observers you plan to use? 
e. How might you sample this shopper traffic? 



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