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As the new DSL, you have been given the responsibility to ensure that the overall safety and security procedures of the school. You are the direct supervisor for the 4-person security staff hired by an external security agency. Three of the members of the security staff are new to the school, and your first meeting with the security staff took place the day before school started.

During the first week of school, you observe that there has been an established culture of parents of elementary students entering the school each morning with their child and accessing various areas of the building beyond the main office. There is a report from a teacher that a parent confronted her in her classroom on the second floor of the building regarding their child's progress report, and another teacher reported that a parent attempted to address another student about an alleged incident with his/her child.

These reports raised a great deal of concern from your principal, and she is most concerned about student and staff safety. The principal wants the parents to feel welcomed at the school, but is concerned about the possible backlash of deciding to restrict the movement of parents inside the building.
Beyond parents loitering in the building, you also notice that the security staff members are rarely visible throughout the day, have no designated posts, and occasionally have been seen having lunch together in the security office. Moreover, they also have a slow response time when requested to provide classroom support.

The principal directs you to create a strategy to address this matter. Please write a brief outline of the strategy, action steps and communications that you will use to address the issue with parents. Also, be sure to include key points around expectations for the security guards' roles, the potential consequences of their actions, and a plan to hold them and yourself accountable for making sure tasks are being executed with fidelity. Please limit your response to 350 words or less.

Reference no: EM13978128

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