Outlining the survey data-understanding variables and result

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Locate the results of a recent survey in a newspaper, magazine, or Internet article. Outline the survey data so that your peers can understand the variables and results, and then identify at least one key formula from this Module that you could use to evaluate the data. Provide a brief explanation of why you selected the formula you did and why it matters.

Reference no: EM1394213

Which treatment has higher survival rate in combined tables

Combine the data from the two hospitals into a single contingency table that shows the relationship between treatment and outcome. Which treatment has the higher survival ra

Transformed before regression

Use your fitted line to guess a simple relationship between x and y. (In many applicationsto science and social science, data is transformed before regression is employed. T

Find difference in proportion of customers prefer each day

A sample of 420 families revealed the following. At the 0.05 significance level, is there a difference in the proportion of customers that prefer each day of the week?

Null and alternative hypotheses of carpet company

A carpet company advertises that it will deliver your carpet within 15 days of purchase. A sample of 49 past customers is taken. The average delivery time in the sample was

Calculate z-score and base response upon z-score

Would it be unlikely for them to find fewer than 65 children with the gene? Calculate the z-score and base your response upon the z-score.

Normal distribution to calculate the proportion

The distribution of scores on this assignment had a mean of 9.2 points and a standard deviation of 2.1 points. Would it be appropriate to use a normal distribution to calcul

Find which file sizes significantly differ respect to mean

If appropriate, use the Tukey-Kramer multiple comparisons procedure to determine which file sizes significantly differ with respect to mean access read time. Test at the 95%

What is the name of distribution of number of customers

A) What is the name of the distribution of the number of satisfied customers from this sample? B) What is the expected value? C) What is the standard deviation?


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