Origins of emotional intelligence

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Read the handout on origins of Emotional Intelligence and view short video of Goleman that further argues his idea of emotional intelligence. Also read the article about "Lunch with Goleman". Given what you have read this week in DuBrin's text on perception and individual differences, respond to this forum by discussing your reactions to Goleman's assertions. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with his arguments or not? Be specific and include examples from the text and from your own experiences.

Reference no: EM1377249

Is the bawb an academic fad or change in business principles

On the basis of the cases that you read, answer the following question: Is the business as an agent of world benefit (BAWB) an academic fad or a change in business principles?

Research dell corporation and hewlett packard

Research Dell Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Analyze each company's competitive strategy. Are they really in competition with each other? If so, how? Which company is the

Produce the profit-maximizing output

The marginal cost of producing the good in this industry is constant and equal to $650, and the fixed cost is zero. When the firms collude and produce the profit-maximizing

Environmental management practices of a business firm

Describe the environmental management practices of a business firm with which you are familiar. Which stage of the corporate environmental responsibility model best fits th

A local law enforcement professional

As a local law enforcement professional, you have been invited as a guest speaker at a local community meeting in which town residents, officials, and other law enforcement pe

Understand the business side of health care

Why is it important to understand the business side of health care? How could the health care system in the United States be improved? Also, discuss how individual health ca

Function that tends to be time consuming for hr practitioner

Pick a Human resource task or function that tends to be time consuming for HR practitioners. Discuss the pros and cons of automating that task or function. also consider bot

Determining the time value of money

When the Genesis Energy and Sensible Essential teams held their weekly meeting, the time value of money and its applicability yielded an extremely stimulating discussion. Ho


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