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1. Describe an occasion when an individual communication experience affected your sense of the following: organizational identification, work performance, trust, communication, and job satisfaction. Describe these components in the organization, how and why these aspects were impacted by the individual.

2. Super K Beverage Company distributes a soft drink that has a constant annual demand rate of 5,200 cases. A 12-pack case of the soft drink costs Super K $2.75. Ordering costs are $20 per order, and inventory-holding costs are charged at 25 percent of the cost per unit. There are 250 working days per year, and the lead time is three days. Find the economic order quantity and total annual cost, and compute the reorder point.

Reference no: EM132184835

Identification of the project sponsor and creation

You have been asked to come to a preliminary project initiation meeting that will result in the identification of the project sponsor and creation of the project charter.

Identify potential quality concerns in traditional areas

Identify potential quality concerns in the traditional areas of machinery, employees, measurements, and materials. Organize these quality concerns using a cause-and-effect dia

What is emphasized is the idea of a calculated risk

In the textbook reading for this module, the authors go into detail about the need for leaders to take risks in order for organizational change to occur. However, what is em

Cause-and-effect diagram is important in determining causes

The cause-and-effect diagram is important in determining causes and effects of a problem. The cause-and-effect diagram is also known as the Ishikawa diagram, or the fishbone d

Identify a potential ethical issue in qualitative research

An explanation of two criteria for evaluating the quality of qualitative research designs. Next, explain how these criteria are tied to epistemological and ontological assum

Analysis of the case

How should Radisson (p 25 of case ) define and implement their service guarantee?  What role should information technology play in accelerating the drive to improve service qu

Identify the components of a linear programming model

To provide much of the feed for the livestock, John wants to plant at least 1 acre of corn for each cow in the coming year's herd and at least 0.05 acre of wheat for each he

Differences in home and foreign institutional environments

Discuss Haier’s entry timing, location selection, and modes of entry in light of the module’s concepts and vocabulary. Was Haier able to leverage differences between its home


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