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1. Fully explain the organization's purpose and the process of making the decision. Basically, what made them make this choice? Then fully explain the consequences and outcome of this decision (cost, benefits, risks, losses, and gains). Make sure to use facts, numbers, figures, tables, and/or graphs to show the impact of this choice on the organization (revenue, size, costs, market share, etc.)

2. Obtain data from at least three credible sources (not Wikipedia) to provide facts about the organization (its size, revenue, capacity, etc.).

Use table, graphs, and figures (if available) to support your argument.

3. Identify your organization, its scope of business or service, its size, its mission statement, its business or service strategy, its revenue, and the trend of its growth and decline in recent years. Then talk about the nature of the decision that organization has to make and the reason behind this choice.

Reference no: EM132234123

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