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1. An angry client calls your customer service team regarding a recent late delivery of one of his orders. The problem is escalated to your attention. 

  • Describe the methods you could use when addressing abusive customer behaviour between a client and one of your staff members. Describe the techniques you could use to improve customer relations.
  • Develop a plan that future staff members could refer to, to maintain a consistent approach to this behaviour. 
  • What techniques might you use when dealing with a customer with special needs?

2. A costumer appears at your organization on morning demanding 'better service from your staff.' What actions would you take at this point to establish the real needs of the costumer? Consider different strategies for identifying and resolving the problem including ways of gaining feedback from the costumer. Refer to any legislation that you should consider. 

3. With references to the International Customers Service Institute model for customer service (TICSI, 2008), describe the ways your organization monitors its customers for ongoing customer service quality. Suggest methods your organization might use to improve its current systems and monitor and manage them in the future. 

4. Explain how effective records management contributes to the ongoing improvement of customer service. Consider and refer to the process currently used in your organization. 

5. What role do public relations and promotions play in a customer service strategy?

Reference no: EM13965071

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