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For this unit's discussion, Please follow the following steps:

  • Visit search for "Oracle Security Guidelines". Read articles at three of the links you find and summarize them.Remember to cite your references using APA format.
  • In your discussion, explain how the information you found compares to the information in the below figure.

Remember, you are required to respond to at least two of your classmates' posts. Ask them questions about the topic they have researched. Be sure to answer any questions asked of you.


  • Run DBMS behind a firewall, but plan as though the firewall has been breached
  • Apply the latest operating system and DBMS service packs and fixes
  • Use the least functionality possible
  • Support the fewest network protocols possible
  • Delete unnecessary or unused system stored procedures
  • Disable default logins and guest users, if possible
  • Unless required, never allow users to log on to the DBMS interactively
  • Protect the computer than runs the DBMS
  • No user allowed to work at the computer than runs the DBMS
  • DBMS computer physically secured behind locked doors
  • Visits to the room containing the DBMS computer should be recorded in a log
  • Manage accounts and passwords
  • Use a low privilege user account for the DBMS service
  • Protect database accounts with strong passwords
  • Monitor failed login attempts
  • Frequently check group and role memberships
  • Audit accounts with null passwords
  • Assign accounts with lowest privileges possible
  • Limit DBA account privileges
  • Planning
  • Develop a security plan for preventing and detecting security problems
  • Create procedures for security emergencies and practice them

Reference no: EM13841627

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