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Option: Marketing via Social Media

In this assignment, you will explore social media and marketing technology in an essay. In your essay, choose a brand (or product) that relies heavily on social media or technology to market their product. Examples would be Netflix, Uber, or Coca-Cola's "your name" campaign. Provide the following:

  • Provide an overview or history of the brand (product).
  • Describe and explain how technology or social media is utilized for marketing purposes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of target markets and demographics. 

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, well written, and formatted according to APA Requirements. Be sure to provide at least three outside sources in addition to your text.

*Required Textbook: 

Tanner, J. F., & Raymond, M. A. (2014).  Principles of marketing (2nd ed.).  Washington, DC:  Flat World Knowledge, Inc.  Chapters 6 and 7 

  • Kinley, T. R., & Brandon, L. (2015). Branding strategies for home furnishings products: Consumer perceptions.Journal Of Marketing Development & Competitiveness, 9(1), 93-105.

Reference no: EM131161266

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