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Your organization is located in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the nation. Your organization hosts and supplies services to all the courts in the United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico. The power grid in your building is no longer able to handle the demand of power. They need to be relocated to other areas. The proposed areas are San Diego and Ashburn, Virginia. It would be more economical to fork-lift the entire server rooms at once to the proposed locations as opposed to moving a few pieces at a time. Additionally, the vendor who designs and installs the servers at the new locations is rigid on the due dates for receiving the planning drawings and will only build the designs per drawing specifications. Even if the vendor knows something is incorrect, they only build per written and signed off specifications. A consultant on the project knows that something is wrong but he does not notify anyone of the problem. A month later, when another vendor goes to install the power to the servers they notice that the server racks are off. The consultant calls back to the office to notify his supervisor that the vendor will not deliver power and lets it slip out that he knew about the potential problem a month ago. Each time the power vendor goes to the location, it costs more than $23,000 per day, full day's work or not. The supervisor is angry because this could have been corrected over one month ago. Based on the scenario described above, create a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document that includes: An explanation of how you would handle the given situation. An analysis, identification, and reasoning of the theory that relates to this scenario. A description of how the framing process could affect this situation and whether things have turned around to the positive side. An analysis, identification, and reasoning for the person accountable for this situation, assuming that firing the consultant is not an option. An analysis and description of the kinds of check lists that should be in place to prevent the situation from happening in the future. 

Reference no: EM13791997

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