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The Problem: The main problem is that Quest Specialty Travel needs to increase its revenue. They also need to improve their educational tours, which customers report are not very interesting. (An educational tour involves some type of instruction, such as on-site lectures about the history of a place, cooking classes, or art workshops.)


Generate a list of five or six ways Quest can improve their educational tours. In addition, create a mind map to display your ideas. Don’t worry if your ideas are right or wrong!

Reference no: EM13856379

Influence the political process and public policies

Explain how criminal justice administrators can influence the political process and public policies. Provide a current example(s) and include citations and references for your

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Post your own personal philosophy of change (process) leadership along with a quote (either your own or someone else’s, but please source the quote) that exemplifies your lead

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Recruiting and developing a skilled workforce is important for any managing a diverse workforce effectevly. Beyond trying to acquire information about the 10,000 NSA files Sno

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Is it the union's job to represent the views of the majority of its members to management or try to change union members' views to be consistent with management's preferred bu

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Discuss their mission and marketing objectives

Discuss their mission and marketing objectives, and the role of a situational analysis in the company’s success. As a marketing manager for Flavor Strips, Inc., what other str


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