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1. Explain how an organization's approach to total compensation can help IT be effective or prevent it from being effective,

2. How and why do the objectives of total compensation, vary across organizations?

3. What are the elements of total compensation, and which ones are most important to you personally?

4. Describe the purpose of job evaluation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the job ranking method? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a customized job evaluation point system?

5. List the possible negative consequence that organizations are- likely to experience if employees do not understand the organization's compensation practices.

6. What is your view on pay secrecy? How much do you think employees should be told about how their pay is determined?

7. If you were considering a job offer, which elements of total compensation would be more important to you: base pay, incentives, or benefits and services? Why? What are the impactions of your answer for employers seeking to attract people like you to work for them?

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Reference no: EM13837042

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