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Program 1: Getting Started with Classes

Object Oriented Programming

Suppose you are car shopping and want to store information about possible choices. Model, and implement an automobile class. Use a UML drawing tool such as Umbrello or Microsoft Visio to create a class diagram. Your class should have at least constructor, set, get, and display member functions. If you would like to add more, that is fine. You decide on what attributes to include in your class. Don't make it overly complicated but not overly simple either. You should at least have make and model attributes on your class. Implement your automobile class in C++. Create about three varying automobile objects and show how the member functions are called in a short driver program. Input and output should be done using text files. Be sure to keep all of your files. We might build upon this project in a later program.

Turn the following into the "Program1: Automobile Class" dropbox in eCollege.

Class diagram (saved as a jpg, gif, or pdf file)

C++ source code files

Input file

Output file

Reference no: EM13850002

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