Numerous organizational subsystems

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Gypsy Industries has created numerous organizational subsystems to help it stay responsive to its environment. While this flexibility has helped the company meet its customers' needs, it has also created a need for ____________ within the organization.

a.Additional levels in the hierarchy
b. Additional employees
c. Integrating mechanisms
d. Centralized decision making
e. Differentiation

Reference no: EM131309290

Cidr notation to summarize or supernet those routes

You have a router that is connected to networks,,, and What is the appropriate CIDR notation to summarize or super

Second world war industrial changes

The 5th wave followed the post-Second World War industrial changes and innovations such as plastics, electronics, and the jet engine (Comtois, Rodrigue, & Slack, 2013).

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Set-up a paper in which you make a plan to execute and publicize an assigned program for a chosen company. The plan must include targets of the event, primary publics and PR t

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All of us turn our personal property over to the care of others- a dry cleaners a parking lot, storage. Under what circumstances are the bailees (the holders of your goods)

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Find the Forbes 2000 list of the world's largest firms at  From the top 10 list, select three firms from three different industries and discuss the li

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What is the present worth of the total 20 payments, occurring at the end of every four months (i.e. the first payment is in four months), which are $400, $500, $600, increas

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Because some donors have asked how they can write off their car donations, the organization has decided to supplement the letter with an information sheet that explains how

How words compose the meaning of longer phases

This deep learning model buids up a representation of whole sentences based on the sentence structure. It computes the sentiment based on how words compose the meaning of l


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