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Write a function named count_vowels to count the number of vowels (a, e, i, o,u) in each line of the poem. Print the line with the largest number of vowels and this number. If there is a tie then print all the tied lines.

Reference no: EM131213503

Choosing the economical alternative

Number of years to reach BEP for each project. Decide which project should be selected using the BEP years as standard and if the company needs to support 260,000 customers ev

Different types of consumers of healthcare industry

Describe the different types of consumers of healthcare industry. Define the differences between qualitative and quantitative modalities for measuring consumer satisfaction.

Create a simulation model with excel tools only

Create a simulation model with Excel tools only, for example, using VLOOKUP,Data Table, but no @RISK, calculate expected profit based on simulation with 1,000 samples, and fin

Level of professional competence in problem solving

Suppose if you were just starting a college education what do you think your level of professional competence in problem solving, written and oral communication skills, data r

What is the constitutional issue in the given case

What is the constitutional issue in this case? If auditing of financial statements is required for protection of public company investors, shouldn't all PCAOB members come f

Difference between developed and developing countries

What is the difference between developed and developing countries? What do you believe are the major barriers to access? Is the eight factor model a tool that should be im

Global expansion through franchising for market penetration

The CEO is looking for another country in which to enter with his restaurant. He has to work within certain limitations, etc. One my suggestions will be to establish more fr

Opinion of health care delivery in the united states

What is your opinion of health care delivery in the United States? Is it adequate? How can health care delivery be improved in the United States? Consider private and public


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