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NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER You are trapped in a fallout shelter with the members of your Ethics in Management group. The instruments in the shelter indicate that it will not be safe for the class to leave the shelter for six months. Luckily, there is enough food, water, and other facilities to permit the class to remain in the shelter for the required six months. A telephone in your shelter is linked to a fallout shelter in another city. One member of your group just spoke with a person who is trapped in the other shelter and reports the following information: "There are ten people in the other shelter. After surveying their provisions, it has become apparent that there is only enough water to keep five (5) members of that group alive the five (5) months before it is safe to leave the shelter." The other group realizes that five of its members will have to be put out of the shelter so that those remaining will have a chance to live. However, they have been unable to make the necessary decision as to who will be put out of their shelter. The other group has asked your Ethics in Management group to make a decision on its behalf. It has agreed to implement your decision immediately and without question. The group in the other shelter consists of the following people: A male carpenter, 25 years old. A male biologist, 50 years old. A female attorney, 40 years old. A male minister, 65 years old. A pregnant college student, 28 years old. A female college student, 18 years old. A male mental patient, 48 years old. A female child, six years old. A male physician, 72 years old. 10. A young medical student 26 Your task is to develop a list of five people who will remain in the other shelter. Be ready to explain, why in this situation, they are the ones who should be put out.

Reference no: EM131421924

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