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A credit analyst has received a $10,000 order from a new customer. The cost of filling the order (ie COGS) is $8000 and collection cost are $200. The credit analyst notes that COGS will be paid immediately. Further, it is assumed that the customer will repay the trade credit obligation in 60 days. It is also assumed that the collection cost will be incurred in 60 days. If the appropriate discount rate is 8%, what is the NPV of extending credit to the new customer?

Reference no: EM132235042

Calculate the ex-dividend price will be

RRM Incorporated has just declared a dividend of $10.25 per share.   The tax rate of dividends is 20 percent.  The tax rate on capital gains is zero.  The tax laws require the

Define a horizontal merger

List one benefit of trading halts for publicly listed companies as a way of managing information made available to the public, and list two disadvantages of trading halts.

Assumptions for mirr and npv are conservative

This is why MIRR is the best method along with NPV. The reinvestment assumptions for MIRR and NPV are conservative and the same. imagine if you found an investment with a

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What are the ethical ramifications of re-classifying investments? Give an example of when reclassifying a long term investment as a short term investment makes financial sen

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If the company reduces its DSO without seriously affecting sales, what effect will this have on its cash position (1) in the short run and (2) in the long run? Answer in terms

What nominal rate of return do you expect to earn

You expect the inflation rate to be 2.9 percent and the U.S. Treasury bill yield to be 3.7 percent for the next year. The risk premium on small-company stocks is 12.6 percen

What management information is provided by scenario analysis

What management information is provided by the scenario analysis? Why is the expected NPV obtained in the scenario analysis different from the base case NPV? What is the proje

Discuss the merits of the universal translator

As part of your evaluation, visit the company Web site. See whether you can obtain a demonstration that can be played through the speakers connected to your computer and mon


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