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The local pharmacy prides itself on the accuracy of the number of pills it distributes in a 60 count prescription. A quality control rep. randomly selected a sample of 40 prescriptions requiring a 60 pills. Assume the sample came from a normally distributed population with a population standard deviation of 4.45. The rep. recounted the pills in each of the 40 prescriptions. The sample mean was 62.05 pills. At the 5% signicafance level, test the null hypothesis that the population mean equals 60 versus the two sided alternative? Find the p value. Round to four decimals

Reference no: EM131075144

Illustrate what would the probability of general beauregard

. In the Third Battle of Bull Run, for which a CPM/PERT network was developed, General Beauregard would have won if his preparations had been completed in 15 days. Illustrat

Phases of the system development life cycle model

Hello, Can someone assist me with an example of a project that you have heard of or you can just provide your opinion on what you think might be some of the causes of failed

What are some of the contrasting cultural values

What do you know about these cultures-specifically their economic, political, educational, and social systems-that could help you in getting them together? What are some of

What are the common hindrances

How can an organization monitor its networks to insure that its data and systems are secure? Describe some of the methods and steps they would take, and the systems each met

Explain the role of training in an organizations development

Explain the role of training in an organization's development. Describe different employee development methods and their benefits. Analyze the relationship between employee de

Describe three characteristics/behaviors of individual team

As a manager, explain what you would do specifically to create an environment in which teams are more likely to be productive and successful. Include steps you would take, a

Question regarding the international management

Discuss the appropriateness of using the same leadership style across all EU countries. Include in your discussion the research results for different views given in your tex

Manager or coworker requesting a change

Write a 350- to 700-word persuasive e-mail in a Microsoft® Word document to a manager or coworker requesting a change to the workplace. You may select from one of the follow


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