Normally distributed mean and standard deviation

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An electrical firm manufactures electric light bulbs that have a length of life which is normally distributed with mean and standard deviation equal to 500 and 50 hours, respectively. Find the probability that a random sample of 15 bulbs will have an average life of less than 475 hours.

Reference no: EM1387671

Evidence to suggest true mean air time is greater

The air time for this flight is affected by the prevailing west-toeast winds and weather systems and normally takes 303 minutes. Is there any evidence to suggest the true me

Write the estimated regression equation

Find the slope and intercept and write the estimated Regression equation. Find SSE, SST, and SSR. Also find the Coefficient of Determination and interpret it. Find the corre

Determine the probability that person selected reads g and m

Sample of newspaper readers was asked to report which newspaper they read and to point to whether they were blue-collar worker, white-collar workerNewspaper reader is select

Problem for mail-order houses

Improperly filled orders are a costly problem for mail-order houses. To estimate the mean loss per incorrectly filled order, a large firm plans to sample n incorrectly fille

Find probability of worker error if there was an accident

There is a worker error is 0.3, and the probability that an accident will occur when there is no worker error is 0.2. Find the probability of a worker error if there was an

Hypothesis testing-bio statistics

An investigator wishes to study the effect of cigarette smoking on the development of myocardial infarction (MI) in women. A sample of 2000 disease-free current smoking wome

What is the probability that the chip ultimately drawn from

Urn I contains three red chips and one white chip. Urn II contains two red chips and two white chips. One chip is drawn from each urn and transferred to the other urn. Then a

Histogram for the data and describe properties

(a) Construct a histogram for the data and describe its properties. (b) Construct a runs chart for the data. (c) Write a brief summary of the two data displays cont


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