No control over the student council

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No Control Over the Student Council

Tamara Popovich has been elected president of the student council at the local college she attends. She likes the other council members, and they seem to like her. Her first job as president of the council is to develop a new policy for student computer fees. This is the first year that computer fees are being assessed, so there are no specific guidelines for what should be included in this policy. Because the council members are elected by the student body, Tamara has no control over how they work, and has no way of rewarding or punishing them. In a leadership course Tamara took, she filled out the LPC questionnaire, and her score was 98.


1. How will Tamara do as president of the student council?

2. According to her LPC score, what are her primary needs?

3. How will these needs affect her ability to develop the new policy for computer fees?

4. How can Tamara change the situation to match her management style?

Reference no: EM131283177

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