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For Telecom operators, existence in the competing market is difficult, where the market is exhibiting saturation signs. So, there is a focus on customer retention.

This paper envelops the discussion under following heads:-

1.    Introduction

2.    Technology and their offerings

3.    Literature review

4.    Historical walk through

5.    Current and future trends

6.    3G Innovation: Barriers to 3G adoption

7.    Theoretical framework to research

8.    Implementation roadmap of 3G in Pakistan

9.    Current mobile market situation in Pakistan

10.  Current internet market situation in Pakistan

11.  Broadband technology trend

12.  Roadmap recommendation for Pakistani mobile operators

13.  Innovation in 3G VAS offerings

14.  Entertainment

15.  Commerce

16.  Public Welfare

17.  Business

18.  Location based services

19.  Conclusion

20.  References

In this paper, the study looked at the historical view of the mobile telecommunication up till the implementation of 3G on a global front. 3G adoption across the globe was seen to be low with the exception of i-mode in Japan. There were a number of reasons behind the low adoption rate which primarily revolved around the fact of mobile operators selling technology to the end customer rather than addressing customer needs.

Reference no: EM13309

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