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John has just been assigned as the Project Manager for a new software system implementation. In his past projects he has learned a lot about the human factors aspect of running projects, and why these are so important. In meeting his team, he quickly assessed that there are several very strong personalities within the individuals, and some likely frictional combinations. John was also given some background around the project sponsor and benefitting departments. It appears that the accounting department really likes their current system, and is not on board with the goal of this project, which is replacing it. The other impacted departments: sales, procurement, and finance are all luke warm to the benefits and haven’t been fully convinced. Taking what you have learned in this unit with regard to the human factors of project management, assess this situation and discuss how you would use people, team and organizational factors to increase the likelihood of the project’s success. Each student should write a 1-2 page paper, 1,000 word minimum, explaining how they would leverage these human factors in their own project management style to ensure that their projects were successful and achieved the desired goals. Make sure as part of your paper you address the following: how you would use the people factors to address the strong personalities of the individual team members, how you would use the team factors to reduce the likelihood of friction due to the personalities and dynamics, and finally how you would use the overall organizational factors to address the lack of sponsorship buy in and organizational support the project currently has.


Reference no: EM131400022

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