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Write the Network Security Policy section of the Information Security Policy of the bank. Include the following: Network access, Network security control devices. Compile all sections of Information Security Policy. Write the conclusion to the Information Security Policy.

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In the given document we have explained the security level of banking system that how we protect the system and maintain its record. To solve these problem we should have proper knowledge of Operating management .

Reference no: EM131040644

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Team, I also need to write the Network Security Policy section of the Information Security Policy. Include the following: Network security control devices Threat monitoring and protection Threat identification and remediation And just so you know other topics seeing in previous weeks, --- Company is Deutsche Bank and I do have the research for this --- 1. Overview of the company, e.g. what business is it in Industry segment and how that would influence the security policy What size is it and how that might affect the security policy Anything unique about the company that might influence a security policy The security goals to be achieved. 2. Physical Security Policy Security of the facilities: Physical entry controls Security offices, rooms, and facilities Isolated delivery and loading areas Security of information systems: Workplace protection Unused posts and cabling Network or server equipment Equipment maintenance Security of laptops or roaming equipment 3. Access Control Policy User enrollment Identification Authentication Privileged and special account access Remote access Let me know your thoughts.

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