Name the three types of muscle tissue

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Name the three (3) types of muscle tissue. What characteristics are common to all three types? What are some unique aspects of each type?

Reference no: EM132280301

Identify two functions for each type of macromolecule

Consider the monomers or subunits that compose protein, carbohydrate, lipid, and nucleic acid? Are all of the subunits just repeating units or are their differences in the s

How long would each flask need to go for one strain

Consider a culture into which two E. coli strains are inoculated. Strain A is normal with g=21 min at 37 degrees C, and 42 mins at 27 degrees C. Strain B has a temperature-s

Prepare dna from each

A student attempts to transform a population of E. coli with a pBluescript plasmid. How do you advise him to identify cells that have the plasmid? Answer Plate the cells on

Explain the phenotypic and heterozygous

What is the phenotypic ratioof the offspring to a male fly that is heterozygous for both traitsand a female fly that has vestigial wings but is heterozygous for body color

Describe a competition assay in general terms

Describe a competition assay in general terms (i.e. don’tdescribe a single example). Explain how the pace of the SAnode can be modulated by nerves, hormones, body temperature

Do all SNPs lead to an alteration in phenotype

Do all SNPs lead to an alteration in phenotype? Explain why, or why not?  Name 2 pioneer species found in a tropical rain forest and very briefly describe the ecological serv

Determining risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Describe the most suitable measure of incidence of diabetes in this scenario? Find the risk (ie measure of Incidence identified in part c) of developing type 2 diabetes among

Growing algae in big tanks

A company is growing algae in big tanks to make fish food. However, the algae is not growing very quickly and thy suspect either phosphorus, nitrogen, or iron is limiting. W


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