Name and describe 2 types of natural selection

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we know that natural selection will not result in evolution if a trait is not heritable. However, it is also possible that a trait with heritable variation will not show an evolutionary response under natural selection. Name and describe 2 types of natural selection that do not necessarily change allele frequencies despite the presence of heritable variation, and give an example (real or hypothetical) of each.

Reference no: EM1396790

You have four balls in an urn

You have four balls in an urn. A red ball, a green ball, a blue ball and an orange ball. Suppose you remove the balls from the urn in random order. You might for instance pu

What is the partial pressure due to oxygen

A mixture of gases has the partial pressures of 0.308 atm due to He, .259 atm due to N2, and the rest is due to O2.  If the total pressure of the mixture is 752 mmHg, what is

How does diet of an athlete influence performances

These differences arise from the way the muscles work in a sprint event versus an endurance event. How does diet of an athlete influence performances is the issue addressed

Citric acid cycle

Discuss all the steps, in order that the electrons from NADH typical pass through before getting oxidized into water. In which part of the citric acid cycle does substrate lev

Why is the illusion no longer seen

Mach bands can only be seen if the bands are side by side. If the bands are separated slightly, so that there are uncolored spaces between the bands, why is the illusion no

Which results in the eye color being very dark

The X-linked white mutation, when homozygous or hemizygous for the mutant allele, shows epistasis with claret, such that homozygotes for the recessive white-eye mutation can

How would you overcome the loss of this special sense

Do you think it would impact your overall happiness in life? How would you overcome the loss of this special sense? Lastly, what advantages would there be with the loss of t

What factors limit prokaryote size

What factors limit prokaryote size, how do they limit size.Why do these factors not limit the environments in which they live?What makes them so adaptable to different environ


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