Mutuality of interest-impact on organizational effectiveness

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1. "Discuss mutuality of interest and its impact on organizational effectiveness. You can also touch matters such as influence, power, and organizational politics."

Please, mention at least 2 books or other relevant sources and answer should be at least 300 words long.

2. One allegation unions frequently face is that they make it difficult to discipline or terminate poor performers. What steps can management take to effectively management the performance of union members?

3. Imagine you are the CEO of Praxalis a manufacturer of diagnostic medical equipment. You have a direct sales force in the U.S. and have been urged by an investor to begin selling in Denmark, where you currently have no presence, customers or employees. What sales channel do you think might be advantageous to being selling there? Give some specific rationale for your choice, not just your instinct or opinion.

Reference no: EM132233996

Cases of wrongful discipline or termination

Court rulings in cases of wrongful discipline or termination of at-will employees have mirrored National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) arbitration rulings for union employees

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Calculate the After-Tax Cash Flow, NPV (at minimum ROR=20%) and ROR for the following investment: Equipment depreciation will be based on MACRS 7-years life depreciation start

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An exchange rate is the price of currency. Conduct a web search on exchange rates for Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Japan. What do you notice about each exchange rate in regard

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Which of the following is a difference between connotative words and denotative words? Laurent is being interviewed for the position of content analyst at Alping Inc. Zara, th

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A manufacturing shop is designed to operate most efficiently at an output of 1,130 units per day. In the past month the plant produced 940 units. What was their capacity utili

Medical mistakes and reduce their potential liability

You are the risk manager of a hospital and have been asked to make a speech to doctors and nurses about how to prevent malpractice claims. Draft a speech outlining the guideli


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