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A grocery store has three check-out counters. The average service rate for each check-out counter is 25 customers per hour. The average arrival rate is 60 customers per hour. Assuming it is a multiple-server waiting line model; determine the average number of customers waiting for a check-out counter and the average time a customer must wait for a check-out counter. What is the probability that there will be less than or equal to 4 customers in the system?

Reference no: EM131135315

Is interviewing a two-way street

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Can dan legally do to stop the calls from zenith

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Required manual dexterity and physical strength test

DePeters, Co. is sued for sex discrimination on the grounds that too few women are hired because fewer women than men achieve passing scores on a required manual dexterity and

What is the break-even point in units

Video Concepts, Inc. (VCI) markets video equipment and film through a variety of retail outlets. Presently, VCI is faced with a decision as to whether it should obtain the dis


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