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From the book Operations Management by Barry Render, Jay Heizer. 11th or 10th edition:

1. MRP is more than an inventorysystem and Master Schedules can be expressed in different ways as evidenced in the Orlando Magic Case. Can you illustrate the same principles as they are applied to the Red Sox or Patriots? Was the DeflateGate an operational failure?

2. Car Rental is a highly competitive business where short term and aggregate planning is a key determinant of success. Can you demonstrate the role using the examples of Hertz, Avis, National? How do the Airlines cope with the same issues when weather frequently becomes the enemy? Please use Delta Airlines Case and other textbook examples to prove your point.

3. Explain the working of EOQ and FOQ with examples. Compare and contrast FQ and FP inventory systems. Market leaders like Caterpillar, Honeywell, Xerox are facing headwinds, is their inventory management at fault? Why is Amazon ahead of its competition?

Reference no: EM131129276

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