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As a marketing manager, you know the importance of choosing the most appropriate distribution channels for your product. There are three specific questions managers must ask and answer before choosing a channel partner. In addition, there are six broad factors that also must be considered. What are the three questions managers should ask themselves when choosing marketing channels and intermediaries? What are six factors to be considered? Explain the factors thoroughly, and give an original example of each. Be very specific and complete in your answer. Justify your answer.

Reference no: EM13902827

What would be the correct ethical behavior in such context

Once locations have been chosen, firms need to build the requisite competencies at those locations. The more a business depends on a particular location, the greater the need

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Prior to the fall, the bag boy had placed a "wet floor" sign approximately six feet directly in front of the door and had been instructed to mop the entrance area periodical

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There are many topics on management science and building several models. Please dicuss something that can be learnt from management science, why it is of interest to you and w

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Hooker argues in Chapter 7 that corruption takes different characteristic forms in rules-based as compared to relationship-based cultures. In the latter bribery and cronyism a


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