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As a marketing manager, you know the importance of choosing the most appropriate distribution channels for your product. There are three specific questions managers must ask and answer before choosing a channel partner. In addition, there are six broad factors that also must be considered. What are the three questions managers should ask themselves when choosing marketing channels and intermediaries? What are six factors to be considered? Explain the factors thoroughly, and give an original example of each. Be very specific and complete in your answer. Justify your answer.

Reference no: EM13902827

What types of power in the french-raven model

Explain how training is an area specifically targeted by EEO laws and regulations. Give five examples at least (2 paragraphs at least) What types of power in the French-Raven

Problems with the current systems of regulatory controls

What are some of the problems with the current systems of regulatory controls? What changes need ot be made to enable corporations to restrucutre their operations? What incent

Solid theoretical evidence

Select a leader, either past or present, you would like to emulate, and highlight the characteristics that make him / her an effective leader. choose three (3) characteristics

Define cost advantage

Today, some companies are considered weak in “cost advantage”. Define “cost advantage and provide two examples of sources of “cost advantages”.

What is the average amount of inventory on order

A Cold Inc. is a frozen food distributor woth 10 warehouses across the country. iven Tory, one of the warehouse managers, wants to make surenthat the inventory policies used b

Marketing ethics be incorporated into firm strategic plan

Why have ethics and social responsibility become so important in recent years? Why is it important that marketing ethics be incorporated into the firm’s strategic plan? Give a

Difference between rationalist and incrementalist strategy

Explain the difference between rationalist and incrementalist strategy. Who are the main protagonists of the theories? How have the debates regarding these theories.

Low-cost production method for making laser disks

Imagine that you work for a small manufacturing company that uses an innovative, low-cost production method for making laser disks. A Chinese firm approaches your CEO in order


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