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Helen, age 17, wanted to buy a motorcycle. She did not have the money to pay cash but persuaded the dealer to sell a cycle to her on credit. The dealer did so partly because Helen said that she was 22 and showed the dealer an identification card that falsely stated her age as 22. Helen drove the motorcycle away. A few days later, she damaged it and then returned it to the dealer and stated that she voided the contract because she was a minor. The dealer said that she could not do so because

(a) She had misrepresented her age and

(b) The motorcycle was damaged. Can she void the contract?

(C) What is the question of law? (one simple sentence) All the information you want to put here usually belongs under defense

(d) What is your decision?

(e) What principles of law did you base your decision on?

Reference no: EM131375556

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