Modelling integration of maternal newborn child health
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Do a literature review on the topic below: Modelling integration of Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) commodity logistics and supply chain management on outcomes of MNCH services in Nigeria. using either a Simpy or python simulation method


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Table of Contents
Introduction: 1
Maternal Newborn Child Health: 1
Integration of Maternal Newborn Child Health Commodity: 1
Logistics and Supply chain management: 2
Conclusion: 2
References 3

Maternal Newborn Child Health:
Nigeria is having a huge burden regarding the conditions of MNCH. It is estimated that in each year in Nigeria, approximately ten lakhs children die and around 700 newborn babies die due such preventable diseases. The main reason for the death of the neonatal is the preterm birth and severe infections. The data showed that the Childs of the low income countries are more likely to dies before the age of five as compared to the children’s of high income countries. This death rate of the newborn babies is highest in the continent of Africa and is also rated as the second highest in the world. Hence good nutrition and health to the maternal mainly contributes to the survival of the child ('Maternal and Child Health Prospects in Nigeria', 2005).

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