Minimum number of units that worker produce to qualify

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workers in the production department are able to produce an average of 200 units per person per day with a standard deviation of 20 units. in order to raise the productivity some more, management announce an incentive pay for the top 30% producers. what is the minimum number of units that a worker should produce in order to qualify for the incentive pay?

Reference no: EM13150129

Probability to draw are a matching pair

Contains two black, six brown, and two blue socks, all randomly arranged. What is the probability that the two he draws are a matching pair?

Create confidence interval for difference in graduation rate

Are the assumptions and conditions necessary for inference satisfied? Explain.- Create a 95% confidence interval for the difference in graduation rates between males and femal

Find the average loss per reel

A random sample of 10 yields the following thicknesses (in millimeters): 0.0048, 0.0053, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.0052, 0.0049, 0.0051, 0.0047, 0.0054, 0.0052. Find the average los

Determine the time required before the tension

If the block is initially moving in a circular path with a speed v1 = 2 ft/s V at the instant the forces are applied, determine the time required before the tension in cord

Explain variation of the data about the regression line

Use the value of the linear correlation coeffient of determinatiom. what does this tell you about the explained variation of the data about the regression line?

Different model forms

Total marketing effort is a term used to describe the critical decision factors that affect demand: price, advertising, distribution, and product quality. Let the variable x

Expected winnings of game

Suppose a game is played where a card is drawn at random from a single deck of cards and if the player draws an Ace of Clubs they win $200. The player is required to bet exa

Evaluate how all of your variables are measured

Select a quantitative dependent variable and at least three variables for a multiple regression; at least one of your indvars must be a dummy variable. Be sure to carefully


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