Minimizing lost interest and operating cost

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A company is considering opening lockboxes in several cities to reduce the 'float' (lost interest) waiting for mailed payments. In what cities should lockboxes be opened to minimize lost interest and operating cost? Each area can send payments to only one city.The interest rate is 6%

A company wants to reduce lost interest ('float') due to mail delay, for the payments it receives every day. It is considering opening lockboxes in 6 different cities. Each lockbox would require a certain amount of money each year to operate. The company receives payments from the Northwest, the North, the Northeast, the Southwest, the South and the Southeast. The amounts involved per day are known. Where should the company open lockboxes?


Reference no: EM1362916

Minimizing the costs of shipping goods

A Corporation wishes to minimize the costs of shipping goods from production plants to warehouses near metropolitan demand centers, while not exceeding the supply available fr

Determine the forward price of contract

You enter into a forward contract to buy a 10 year, zero-coupon bond that will be issued in one year.The face value of the bond is $1,000 , and the 1 year and 11 year spot int

Compute projects payback period

Suppose your employer, hates the company's current telephone system. By investing $60,000 in a new phone system, he thinks that he can improve revenue through fewer misdirecte

Driving growth and sustainability of mobility industry

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia connects people to each other and the informati

Calculating forward prices

A trader owns gold as part of a long-term investment portfolio. The trader can buy gold for $450 per ounce and sell it for $449 per ounce. The trader can borrow funds at 6% pe

Arithmetic average versus geometric average

Discuss and explain the difference between arithmetic average versus geometric average and which one is more effective or provides a more complete picture when valuing a stock

Maximize the value of investment

A real estate investor has the opportunity to purchase an apartment complex. The apartment complex costs $400,000 and is expected to generate net revenue of $6000 per month.

Implementation of plant

The VP of finance of the ACME Corporation has developed a financial plan that will alleviate some of the cash flow problems that the Corporation has incurred in the past year.


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