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A worker-machine operation was found to involve 4.2 minutes of machine time per cycle in the course of 40 cycles of stopwatch study. The worker's time averaged 2.1 minutes per cycle, and the worker was given a rating of 120 percent (machine rating is 100 percent). Midway through the study, the worker took a 10-minute rest break. Assuming an allowance factor of 11 percent of work time which is applied only to the worker element (not the machine element), determine the standard time for this job.

Reference no: EM131029274

The lilly ledbetter fair pay act

Write a persuasive essay (2/3 pages) regarding your position on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Should all managers (regardless of gender) working for the same organization

Dimensions of wellness personal assessment journal

Learning how to manage personal lifestyle choices is known as the self-help approach.  This approach assumes that individuals can control some aspects of the environment tha

How do they use visuals to keep attention

We have learned that effectiveness in communication is essential in every aspect of the business world. This assignment will focus on effectively communicating the financia

Utilizing single exponential smoothing with standard

Utilizing single exponential smoothing with standard deviation=0.2 if the forecast for January had been 70 calculate what the exponential forecast would have been for the re

Financial policy case assignment

Present a 4-to 5-page paper that addresses the accompanying inquiries. Make sure to utilize references inside the paper to bolster your answers. Show work for all computati

Manufacturing or a service sector company

1. Identify either a manufacturing or a service sector company. 2. In a 2 page essay document the following items: a. Provide a background of the selected company (manufacturi

President of sales for terrafirma

You are the vice president of sales for TerraFirma, a company that manufactures outdoor sporting gear. You receive a report on your desk one morning that claims little or no

Determine the lowest and highest scenarios of performance

Express how the owner uses capital and human resources to ensure revenue or control cost in each scenario. Illustrate what would determine the lowest and highest scenarios of


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