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1. A company involved in strategy evaluation seeks to measure company improvements core competencies, technical leadership, performance, and customer satisfaction. Which of the following can help to assess this information to ensure that the company's strategies are in line with their goals?

organizational performance matrix (not this)

balanced scorecard

revised EFE matrix

corrective actions review

future shock assessment

2. Andy Murray is attending a presentation addressing changes in the strategies of competitors and changes in competitors strengths and weaknesses. It is most likely that the result of this presentation would be a ________

strategy evaluation assessment matrix (not this)

revised EFE matrix

corrective action matrix

revised IFE matrix

balanced scorecard

3. To achieve an effective design, pay careful attention to

A. content, graphics, and paragraph length. B.consistency, color, and graphics. C.visual aids, headings, and use of white space. D.type face, use of white space, and color. E.consistency, restraint, and detail.


Reference no: EM132184571

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Explain in detail how low employee morale and high employee turnover can negatively affect a company. Provide a detailed description of two (2) possible solutions (“alternativ

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Foto Color is a Des Moines supplier of chemicals and equipment used by some photographic stores to process 35mm film. One product that Foto Color supp lies is BC-6. Brad Meyer


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