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In a galaxy far, far away (my professor writes his own practice problems), on the planet Xylor, a herd of 100 Tybars was introduced for breeding. After 5 years, the herd had increased to 500. If the rate of herd growth is assumed to be directly proportional to the number of Tybars present on Xylor at any time t:

a. How many Tybars would be found on Xylor after 5 more years have passed?

b. It is conjectured that the maximum number of Tybars that could be sustained on the planet is 312,500. How many years from the date of introduction of the herd will it take for the number of Tybars to reach that number?

Reference no: EM13956947

Problem regarding the ceiling function

Let F(x): R -> Z be the floor function and C(x): R -> Z be the ceiling function. Select which of the following function equations are true (select zero or more answers).

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Nikita heads the human resource (HR) team at Strait Corp., a marketing firm. She has knowledge about how the firm earns revenues, about its clients and their requirements, and

Submit your powerpoint book review here

Course Operations Management.: Submit your PowerPoint Book Review here.  Each student will select a book related to the course material to read and share with the class. Prepa

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Consider a "professional services pyramid" like the one pictured below, and assume that the firm only does entry-level hiring (that is, all managers and partners are promoted


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