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Max Stamp approves study abroad documents for the University of Utah. Students must wait in line with their forms outside Max's office. One student at a time is allowed in his office and Max takes on average 25 minutes to evaluate each student’s set of documents. On average 2.2 students per hour go to his office and they spend on average 162.5 minutes trying to get their forms approved (time waiting in queue plus time in Max’s office having him evaluate their documents). On average, how many students are waiting outside of Max’s office? (Hint: You do not need to know CVa and CVp to solve this question but if you want, you can assume that CVa=1 and CVp=0.)

Reference no: EM13965562

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Design capacity refers to the maximum amount that a production facility can produce. The variable cost per unit is higher for job shop production than assembly line production

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Assess the security system currently in place in this building, including its strengths, weaknesses, and risks. Write a 500-word paper on your findings and recommendations


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