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Marketing Research Project: Project that required to plan and strategize effectively. If you use your time efficiently. You are to create a report that analyzes marketing research conducted by you for any company/business of your choosing. Research may be done on existing products or services. It is suggested that you select a company that is well-known so that resource information may be more readily available. Your primary research methodology will be the utilization of an interview survey. You will be required to conduct twenty-five surveys and will be responsible for conceiving a strategy to conduct surveys as well drafting the survey questions. Questions should gauge demographic information of respondents (age, race, gender, income, etc.) purchase habits, budgetary and customer service concerns, product/service preferences, etc. as such relate to the products or services provided by the company which you select. You will then consolidate your findings and prepare a marketing research report to satisfy the course requirement.

I. Research Summary/Methodology:

1. A description of how you chose the respondents and administered the survey.

2. A summary of the respondent's demographic backgrounds.

3. A summary of your overall survey results. Include a copy of your survey.

II. Analysis:

In this section you should analyze what you have learned about completing the marketing research. Items such as consumer reaction, selecting respondents, interpretation of information, and the importance of market research when considering new or current products or services, pricing and competition should be addressed. What suggestions would you offer the client to improve their market share or to have a more effective marketing plan? Apply the concepts we are learning in this class. This is your opportunity to show what you have learned. You should use your textbook, articles, and internet research as resources for your project. To completely understand the application of this project, imagine that you have been hired by the company you have selected as a marketing consultant to determine if the company is using good marketing strategies.

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