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Marketing Management Assignment

Detailed Question: General overview: Maximum word counts 3,000 words. Essentially you are required to establish a "Marketing Plan" on Kathmandu New Zealand. to grow the market and sales for the organisation you have chosen in the target market you have focused on and given the situational analysis you have conducted in Assignment.

DO NOT Use any reference, data points, comparisons etc for Other Markets of Kathmandu like Australia. Entire Assignment should only speak and Discuss plan for New Zealand only.

This assignment should commence with an overall summary (about one page) of the context that you established in Marketing Audit Assignment 1 (Attached). You DO NOT need to include the full assignment here but you may wish to replicate some of the analysis tables in appendices to this assignment if they are relevant - if you do this, make sure you refer to them in your summary and highlight the key features that a reader needs to note from these tables and analysis summaries.

You may make adjustments to your original analysis and conclusions here based on the Marking Audit Assignment feedback (attached) in the first assignment.

This assignment should then commence with a specific statement of the marketing objective/s that will guide this plan based on the context you have set from assignment one. You will then show how each of the marketing mix elements (the 7 Ps) will contribute to the achievement of this objective in your plan. Each of the elements of the marketing mix are to be considered (product, place, price and promotion) and for each you will need to discuss the strategy you will adopt (with appropriate justification from theory and other sources), and the tactics you would recommend

Request you to share the correct and desired assignment on Marketing Plan and also add the attached format with respective details for Kathmandu under its Marketing planning and strategy.

Marketing Plan - Assignment Guidelines

Title page with a title of 8-10 words and is persuasive. Also contains student names, student numbers and group number on the title page (use insert cover page in Word for a professional finish)

Executive summary that is about 7/8 or 3/4 of a page in length (ideally written last and after reading your first draft)

Table of contents (no vertical lines)

Table of tables

table of figures

Introduction (and/or situation analysis) some of you will do a separate introduction that introduces the assignment to the reader and label the information from the marketing audit "Situational Analysis"; and some of you will include the situation analysis from the marketing audit in the introduction. You select on the basis of which makes the most sense to your narrative. Regarding how long this section should be - anywhere from one page to three pages. No longer than three pages. Select the key elements from the marketing audit that provide the reader with an understanding of the situation of the company - where they are now. Remember the marketing plan is focusing on improving the situation, as such, the reader needs to have an understanding of the situation.

Marketing objectives - set new objectives for the firm these should be at a strategic level and on the basis of how to improve the situation.

Decide the Objective for your Marketing Plan for example, what you want to achieve with your Marketing plan like % increase in Market Share Or Revenue Or Profits Or Increase Foot prints across country like opening new stores, Or penetration in rural markets etc. Then share a plan as to how you would do it with a back up plan if plan diesn't go the right way. For all measurable targets please provide the figures in %. For example Market share to increase from 15% to 20%.

The marketing plan then needs to begin with a statement of the specific marketing objective/s for your target market. Make these objectives realistic, achievable and measurable (SMART objectives). In writing your objectives be specific and avoid generic terms such as "increase," "decrease," implement as soon as possible", and other non-specific and non-analytical language. Your objectives should align with the context established in assignment one and consider and be directed to the target market, in the location you have identified in that assignment. You also need to ensure that you have re-stated the value proposition you posed in assignment 1 here.

Target market and positioning - this can be a separate section to the report or it can go under the marketing objectives section - you decide - the choice is yours on how you structure this and the selection you choose should be based on the narrative and which makes the most sense. In order to achieve the new marketing objectives you need to select the appropriate target market (which may be the same or it may be different to the marketing audit) and you need to clearly describe the target market so the reader can clearly know who they are and delineate them from other market segments. What positions will you take with this target market given the marketing objectives - this should all be aligned? Under Target Market define Marketing Segment and Consumer Profile which you want to target.

The tactical marketing plan or the marketing mix - either heading is fine. This section includes the 7ps. Given that most of you have selected a not-for-profit or a service the 7ps are the most appropriate to use. The 7ps are also suitable for goods and provide a better coverage of the marketing mix. The tactical marketing plan should provide the reader with a step-by-step plan of how you plan to achieve your marketing objectives for the specific target market you have selected (only ONE target market). You will need to develop an implementation plan and a contingency plan these may be in a separate section of the report or they may be part of the tactical marketing plan section. Remember that your selections on what you choose to do in the tactical plan should be deeply thought about and should be supported by theory. Reference your theory.

Implement Gantt Chart: Refer slide 10 of the Marketing plan presentation attached and sample Gantt Chart attached to this email.

An Implementation plan: Next consider the order or sequencing of activities with a marketing timeline related to your marketing tactics (i.e. what needs to occur first etc.). For example if you plan for Advertisements on TV, then be very detailed and specify when you want those ads to run on TV, like during which time of the day, how many times a day and in between which serials and shows depending upon the target Audience chosen.

Contingencies: after you have developed your plan you then need to consider marketing contingencies, or what are the risky parts of your plan and are there any actions that need to be considered or prepared to counter these if they were to occur.

Conclusion: Finally, provide an overall conclusion for your work (about 1 para) that brings it all together and re-enforces your case for this plan to be accepted/adopted.

Recommendations and conclusion should stem from what you have already written in the report and should not include new information. These should be well supported by the arguments and the evidence you have provided in the report.

Reference list - should be Harvard AGPS style in the list at the back of the report and in the text of the report. Ensure you correctly reference everything.

A couple of questions people have asked that I would like to address:

Q - What about the word count?

Q - In the assignment details it says the 4ps and now you are saying 7ps - why?

Q - Should I reference the company information?

Q - How do I get ideas on ways to improve the situation?

Q - Should I only do ONE target market or can I do more?

Q - The company has several products and each of these have a different target market what should I do?

Q - How do I write a marketing objective?

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131247053

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Overall, the discussion lacks depth and valid conclusions. You do well to synthesize the information and attempt to state what the issues are and their implications. Avoid merely re-writing close to the source. Your comments are crucial. You tend to squeeze various discussions in an attempt to make the point without justification. Better organisation of the various key sections would have made the discussion more seamless. In terms of the external factors, only discuss the relevant factors. Your application tended to ignore use of valid theories and marketing terms. It would be better to deal with one or two issues than to be superficial with many. Your attempt at SWOT/ TOWS is noted but these are not sufficiently linked or related to the earlier analysis. At this stage of the marketing audit the specific tactical recommendations are not necessary.


10/18/2016 6:46:34 AM

The audit has shown understanding of the internal and external factors relevant to the organisation that will impact the development of a marketing strategy. It has demonstrated clear problem solving and critical thinking in the analysis and choice of theory. The work is well written, uses language and style appropriate for a professional marketer. The work is appropriately supported with relevant theory and referencing style reflects academic and professional requirements. The work shows an understanding of the environmental and contextual issues in marketing and provides a creative presentation of conclusions.

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