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Marketing Plan: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Guidelines and Rubric

This is the culmination of the Marketing Plan. Detail the advertising and promotional activities that will be used to promote the product or service.

Develop 4-5 IMC action items. You may use any of the mediums or techniques found in the examples provided, those found in the text, or those that you create yourself. The sky is the limit, but pay particular attention to the following restrictions:

1. The medium must be available in your geographic market. This is rarely a problem.

2. It must fit your budget. You are a start-up, so think carefully about your budget. You may spend reasonably, but no prime time TV or Super Bowl. If you want to know what something costs, search the Web. The answers will not be perfect, but will give you a guideline.

3. Each of your action items must be a different medium.

4. NONE of your action items may be a brochure, flyer, or similar printed materials. You may use such printed materials ONLY in conjunction with another action item. The printed collateral is supporting the action item, NOT the action item itself. For example, you may produce a brochure to be used in a direct mail campaign and show an example of that brochure in your project. The direct mail campaign is the action item, not the brochure (it is supporting the direct mail campaign). Remember, printed materials are NOT marketing; it is what you do with those items that make it marketing.

Reference no: EM13725954

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