Mapping the process of innovation

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Please complete the following.  No Plagarism, include references (not internet references).  APA format

Write a 3+ page, double-spaced essay regarding: Mapping the Process of Innovation

  1. Pick an industry (e.g. groceries, airlines, publishing, etc.) and explain the innovative process that must take place for successful integration of innovation.
  2. Recommend how an industry leader should search, select, implement, acquire, execute, launch, and sustain an innovative offering that is appropriate for the chosen industry.
  3. What can they learn from the adopting innovation?
  4. How can this be used to maintain a competitive edge?
  5. Were there any areas within this process that required extra emphasis?

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This task is about process of innovation in an airlines industry. it is 1400 words task and it is a ms-word report. In this report, process of innovation in airline industry is discussed. It includes, innovation process in airline industry, recommendations for searching, implementing and sustaining innovation offerings and how leaders can use these offerings to maintain competitive offerings. APA referencing is done.

Reference no: EM131164862

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