Many types of systematic errors or biases

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Please write a response about 60 words or more in reguards to the statement below.  Give some examples on when this would happen and what you think about it.

Sampling or Chance Error

Usually, all samples selected from the same population will give different results because they contain different elements of the population. Moreover, the results obtained from any one sample will not be exactly the same as the ones obtained from a census. The difference between a sample result and the result we would have obtained by conducting a census is called the sampling error, assuming that the sample is random and no nonsampling error has been made.

The sampling error is the difference between the result obtained from a sample survey and the result that would have been obtained if the whole population had been included in the survey.

The sampling error occurs because of chance, and it cannot be avoided. A sampling error can occur only in a sample survey. It does not occur in a census.

Nonsampling errors or biases can occur both in a sample survey and in a census. Such errors occur because of human mistakes and not chance. Nonsampling errors are also called systematic errors or biases. 

The errors that occur in the collection, recording, and tabulation of data are called Nonsampling Errors or Biases.

Nonsampling errors can be minimized if questions are prepared carefully and data are handled cautiously. Many types of systematic errors or biases can occur in a survey, including selection error, nonresponse error, response error, and voluntary response error.

Reference no: EM131209024

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