Many states now face budget cutbacks

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Many states now face budget cutbacks. Many programs now are being cut across the board. How do you think those that depend most on state programs will be adversely affected?

Reference no: EM131027377

Their ineptness and laughable feckless strategy

Is government regulation going to eventually step in and try to regulate things like robotic use, medical data, AI? What do they know about any of the technological advances e

Negative impact on the firms ability to do business

Apples & Oranges Corporation learns that a federal administrative agency is considering a rule that will have a negative impact on the firm’s ability to do business. Does the

Estimates its marginal costs for warehousing-distribution

A small Canadian company has contracted to purchase 100,000 toys for £ 3.50 each from a British toy manufacturer. The Canadians have agreed to pay in pounds sterling. The Cana

Categorical imperative and utilitarian perspective

Suppose your holiday company has a website for customer reviews. In spite of your best efforts of cleanliness, on one trip your staff accidentally served contaminated food and

About various stakeholders in different events

Think generically about various stakeholders in different events. Think of obvious or direct stakeholders such as the client or the participant. Now name some not so obvious o

Using an hr scorecard to help create hr systems

Using the Internet or library resources, discuss at least two examples of how companies are using an HR Scorecard to help create HR systems that support the company's strategi

Standard deviation of the forecast error

The MAD for a forecast is 1000 units per year. If the lead time is one month, what will be the standard deviation of the forecast error for one month (assuming 12 months in a

Observe within situational leadership theory

Describe possible gaps you observe within Situational Leadership Theory. What strategies or adjustments in your own behavior, thinking, or worldview might you consider or empl


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