Managing in a global environment

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Managing in a Global Environment

Section One; Country Study:

Assume your company has decided to expand their US business into an international business. You have been asked by your company to research potential countries to determine which country they should expand their business to as their first overseas venture.

Assignment Criteria:

  1. Introduction
    1. Pick a real organization to use as your template organization for this project. The organization can be a large multinational organization, a large domestic organization, a small organization, or your current (or previous) employer. State whether your organization will be selling a product (state product type), selling a service (state service), or set-up a manufacturing facility (state type of manufacturing). 
    2. Research and determine a country that you would recommend to your CEO for international expansion. State the name of the country you will be recommending for international expansion.
  1. Perform a country study to help determine the any potential issues, costs, and the benefits of doing business in a particular country.  At the end of your study, write a brief summary (250 words or more) that concludes your findingshighlighting some of the challenges, benefits, costs, etc associated with entering this country.

Below is a list of the environmental factors you need to study and discuss in your study.


  • GDP
    • GDP -real growth rate
    • GDP - per capita
  • Labor
    • By occupation
  • Total Exports
    • Exports - commodities
    • Exports - partners
  • Total Imports
    • Import - commodities
    • Import - partners
  • Infrastructure - physical (transportation) & informational (communication)
  • Unemployment
  • Industries
    • Industries growth rate


  • Natural resources
  • Access to resources and raw materials
  • Climate
  • Land use
  • Current environmental issues
  • Natural Hazards


  • Type of government
  • Political stability
  • Foreign investment and approval procedures
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Labor and employment laws
  • Governmental assistance programs for foreign businesses
  • Tax laws and applicable treaties

Reference no: EM13860138

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