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You are the manager of a business that cleans airliners. You are contracted by airlines to perform quick cleanups on planes between flights as well as more extensive cleanings while planes are parked overnight. The airline industry is facing financial pressures and these pressures have trickled down to you. The airlines are having their planes cleaned less often and, as a result, they are dirtier when they are cleaned. It also seems like passengers are increasingly likely to leave really gross stuff behind.

The work is difficult. Your employees have not received raises in some time, and it is likely that they won't receive raises in the near future. The employees, individually and as a group, are quite open about not liking their jobs. Your managers are placing pressure on you to make the employees more productive. You subscribe to the theory that workers who are more satisfied with their jobs are more productive. You cannot give the employees raises but you do have a very limited amount of discretionary funds. What can you do to increase the workers' level of job satisfaction? Provide five specific steps you could take.

Reference no: EM131258247

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