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Select one (1) tool, other than MS Project, that you could use in order to manage project costs and scheduling. Next, speculate on the overall different project management strategy that you would apply based on the tool that you have selected. Provide a rationale to support your response.

Reference no: EM13809122

Obtain a summary of all research and development projects

obtain a summary of all Research and Development projects currently underway, including their current status,estimated time and cost to complete and the estimated unit costs

Creation of a well-running shop floor control system

Capacity is important to a well-running shop floor control system. Explain why insufficient capacity and excess capacity is important to the creation of a well-running shop fl

Number of guests visit gourmet restaurant

On a busy evening a number of guests visit a gourmet restaurant, and everyone orders something. 140 guests order a beverage, 190 order an entree 100 order an appetizer, 90 ord

What is your plan to maximize the expected profit

The WNE's bookstore is responsible to order and sell a new T-shirt for the coining academic year. The T-shirts cost $12 to make and distribute. However, the bookstore has no i

Analyze intervention treatment needs of family members

Halfway houses, continuous care, and self help groups, and analyze intervention and treatment needs of family members and significant others affected by chemical dependency.

Samples are taken to monitor a filling process

Samples are taken to monitor a filling process. The overall mean of the samples are cc and the average range cc. The sample size is 10. Determine the upper and lower control l

Design capacity utilization

Luxury Baking can make 1,200 chocolate chip cookies per day under normal conditions and 1,500 with overtime labor. In the month of February, the average production was 1,300 c

What is to be produced and when is spelt out in

In 1913, Henry Ford developed an approach to car assembly that involved a chassis moving down an assembly line on a conveyor belt. A small team of workers would move with the


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