Manage conflict in accordance with legal requirements

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Performance objective

To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to manage conflict in accordance with legal requirements.

Assessment description

Analyse the conflict situation discussed in the Industries Case Study (unresolved conflict situation).

Identify sources of conflict in the 1KL case study.

Analyse the causes of the conflict and outline a negotiation strategy and action/implementation plan to ensure conflict is resolved appropriately.

I. Review the 11(L Industries case study.
2. Develop a negotiation strategy.
3. Document the strategy and implementation/action plan in a written report.
Learners are required to:
• submit answers to questions
• submit a written report on managing the case study scenario including an action/implementation plan
Action/implementation plan
Learners are required to:
• identify a conflict situation
• describe the basis for the conflict - what led to the conflict?
• identify appropriate documentation which might help clarify the issue
• identify expert or specialist advice (internal and/or external)
• describe what could be done to resolve the issue
• base solutions on organisational procedures and legislative requirements
• consider internal and external remedies
• develop a proposed negotiation strategy:

o what sort of agreement is desired?
o how you would advocate organisation's position with respect to organisational policy?
o communication processes
o training and development requirements
o human resources support

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Reference no: EM13883599

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